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Motherhood Across Borders: Stories of Migration, Separation, and Resilience

Boston College Professor Gabrielle Oliveira discusses her new book Motherhood Across Borders, stories of Mexican mothers moving between NYC and Mexico which captures the poignant, mundane, tragic, and frustrating aspects of mothering from afar.

Professor Oliviera's research focuses on immigration and mobility—on how people move, adapt, and parent across borders. Her expertise includes gender, anthropology, transnationalism, and bilingualism with a concentration on Latin America. Her areas of interest include immigrant education across the globe with a focus on early childhood and K-12; Transnational motherhood and global parenting and the impacts on education achievement and school experience; Gender and education: how culture and identity influence education experiences in the US. Her book Motherhood Across Borders: Immigrants and Their Children in Mexicoand New York (2018, NYU Press), is winner of the Inaugural Outstanding Book Award in Ethnography at the Penn Ethnography Forum. Oliveira received her bachelor’s degree in her native Brazil and earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University and Teachers College. She is the co-founder of the group Colectiva Infancias, a Latin America group of women scholars who study migration of children across the Americas. The group was recently awarded a grant by The National Geographic Foundation to assemble an online mosaic of migrant children’s experiences.

 For more on her research: http://bcheights.com/2018/10/28/gabrielle-oliveira/

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 Show more dates
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Community Room A, Community Room B
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