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Teennovation:Advanced Minecraft with Redstone Electrical Engineering

Featured Activity: Advanced Minecraft/Redstone Electrical Engineering. Redstone…it’s the electrical element in Minecraft that mimics electricity almost perfectly. Using Ohm’s Law, learn about the flow of electric current and apply this knowledge to projects within Minecraft. For the Minecraftians who are looking for the next step in their learning adventure, this Empow Studios workshop is for you!

Logic gates, pulse generators, edge detectors, and even simple computing fundamentals can all can be built and modified within Minecraft. We'll begin with an introduction to Redstone, and then move into Command Blocks - a special block that can be pre-programmed to automate processes within the game.

Registration required; spaces are limited. Grades 6-12 only.

Teennovation is a monthly meetup for teens interested in innovation, learning, imagination and creativity! Each month offers a new experience from guest experts to hands-on activities covering STEAM topics and themes. Sponsored by Friends of Reading Public Library.



Thursday, April 12, 2018 Show more dates
6:30pm - 8:30pm
  Middle Schoolers (Gr 6-8)  
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